Burleigh Bliss

Burleigh Bliss

With the launch of our Postcards collection we jetted north to Burleigh to shoot with our favourite Gold Coast talents; Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery (@clash.studio) and Mikayla Klewer (@mikaylaklewer)

The Brief

Showcase the nostalgic Australian Summer spent at the beach. 

The Location

Echo Beach, Burleigh, QLD, Australia


The Muse

We have always been big supporters of Mikayla, both for her everyday confidence but also behind the lens. For our Postcards collection we put a big focus into incorporating styles for all shapes and sizes. Working with the right women, like Mikayla, who emphasise everything we’re about to flaunt our new range was a key part of telling the Postcards Collection story. 

The Mastermind

We knew we could trust Jellan without vision, giving him complete creative control over the shoot. He chose to shoot a mixture of 35mm film and 120mm film to achieve beautiful natural tones in the skin and product but also compliment the nostalgic look we were looking for.

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